Pre and post-partum classes

Aqua based programs for mother/father and child
Water is the vital element from which all life originates. Water is also the perfect element for establishing a feeling of security, union and harmony with your child. Aquatics offer infants unique evolutionary motor stimulation for their development. The main objective of this course is to allow children to become familiar with water. Each lesson is meant to be a pleasant time for the child, who will become used to interacting with peers, and also for the parent who is experiencing a new way of relating to their child. The course is open to all children between the ages of 1 month and 3 years, who will attend together with a parent. Classes meet weekly for 8 lessons of 30 minutes each. The course takes place at the heated medical pool of Ars Medica Clinic in Gravesano.

For more information and registration:
Tel. + 41 91 985 12 11