Introduction to our maternity and obstetrics services

Maternity and obstetrics: so close yet so far… 1/7

Our maternity and obstetrics unit is a place where we can meet mums and dads-to-be, where they can get to know us better and feel more reassured and informed about their arrival and stay in Sant’Anna Clinic.

Watch the first video with Illaria and Elisa here.

Maternity and obstetrics: is it time…? 2/7

Watch the second video with Sara here.

Maternity and obstetrics: we got there… 3/7

In the third video, Veronica shows you our delivery rooms.

Maternity and obstetrics: now it’s over to us two…4/7

In the fourth video, Valentina and Giovanna explain what happens after the birth, once you’re back in your room.

Maternity and obstetrics: make way for dad…5/7

In the fifth video, Nathaly explains when dad can be present during and after the happy occasion.

Maternity and obstetrics: when you need a bit of help…6/7

Watch the sixth video with Livia, who will show you the neonatal ward.

Maternity and obstetrics: over to our neonatologist 7/7

Watch the last video with Dr. Donati-Genet, head of our neonatal ward.

Now you can start to compose the pages of your new life together. Enjoy settling back into your home, and rest assured we’ll still be here for you for anything you need, smiling behind our masks!

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