Useful information

Newspapers and magazines

You can find a selection of newspapers, magazines, gifts, cosmetics and various chocolates at the bar in the lobby. Please contact the reception if you wish to buy flowers.

Money and valuables

We advise you not to bring jewellery and other valuables with you. The clinic accepts no responsibility for theft or loss. A safe is available inside your room.

Agreements with hotels

If you wish to stay in a hotel nearby, Sant’Anna Clinic will be pleased to suggest hotels that offer special rates for our patients. When booking, please inform the hotel that you are a patient of the clinic in order to benefit from reduced rates.

Other services

Along with our excellent medical and nursing services, we are able to offer other services on request, which can be customised according to your needs, requests and wishes. These include, for example, a driver service, hotel reservations, manicures, pedicures, massages, hairdressing services, babysitters and dietary advice. For questions about these services, please contact our Coordination Office:
Tel. +41 91 985 12 11